"Dreaming of Flight"
Pastel, 40x30, $1500
"Up Into Clouds"
Pastel, 14x19, $650
"Up Above"
Pastel, 14x19, $650
"Raven Rides the Sky"
Acrylic, 39x31, $1200
"Some Fly So High"
Pastel, 21x36, $1000.
"Lady Kingfisher"
Mixed Media, 9x5, SOLD
"The Magpie Thought She Was Queen Bee"
Acrylic, 16x23, $800
"Two for Mirth"
Acrylic, 7x40, $700
"The Merlin Saw Magic
in the Sky"
Pastel, 14x28, $800
"The Nutcracker Whose Heart Broke Out of the Box"
Acrylic, 24x17, $900
"Facing the Day"
Pastel, 36x24, $1500.
"A Second Full Moon"
Pastel, 36x24, $1500.
"The More He Saw
the Less He Spoke"
Pastel, 22x28, SOLD
"The Look"
Pastel, 28x24, SOLD
Pastel, 28x16, $900
"Coming Home"
Acrylic, 34x24, $800 (unframed)
"Cranes Flight I"
Acrylic, 16x20, $600 (unframed)
"Cranes Flight II"
Acrylic, 17x20, $600 (unframed)
Acrylic, 22x26, $900
"Above Clouds Purl Edge"
Pastel, 11x21, $400
"The Crow Remembers"
Pastel, 18x14, SOLD
"All of the Ravens
Brought Flowers"
Acrylic, 22x21, SOLD
"The Weight of the
Settling Sun"
Pastel, 28x20, SOLD
"Railroad Raven"
Pastel, 19x27, $800
"The Crow Who Wants to
Be a Cardinal"
Acrylic, 19x18, $600
"The Blue Jay Who Hoped
to Blend In"
Mixed Media, 11x15, SOLD
"The Towhee Who Dressed
as a Treepie"
Acrylic (mounted to wood), 23x23, SOLD
"A Different Sort of Fella"
Mixed Media on wood, 23x23, $800
"American Buffalo"
Mixed Media, 10x8, $180
"Red, White, and Buffalo"
Mixed Media, SOLD
"Along the Shoreline"
Acrylic, 16x21, $500 (unframed)
"A Solitary Moment"
Watercolor, 13x17, $450
"Visitor from the Woods"
Mixed Media, 9x6, $150 (unframed)
"Family Season"
Watercolor, 11x9, SOLD
"Landing in the Valley"
Pastel, 20x16, $400
"A Royal Day at the Beach"
Watercolor, 14x28, $700
"Flight of the Finch"
Watercolor, 6x9, SOLD
"Dandelion Wishes"
Watercolor, 19x16, $950
"Perched in Pines"
Mixed Media, 6x9, $150 (unframed)
"Taking Turns"
Watercolor, 9x6, $150 (unframed)
"The Wolf Dreamed of Going Back to the Cascades"
'live edge' acrylic, 18x14, $400 (shown with frame)
"The Wild Dog Watched Through Painted Eyes"
'live edge' acrylic, 20x16, $450 (shown with frame)
"The Zebra Tried on
Some Color"
'live edge' acrylic, 26x22, $600 (shown with frame)
"For the Love of a Lion"
'live edge' acrylic, SOLD
"The Fox is No Fool"
'live edge' acrylic, SOLD
"Tapestry Raven in Sage"
Acrylic, 10x8, SOLD
"Tapestry Raven in Taupe"
Acrylic, 8x10, SOLD
"The Ravenman That Will Wreak Havoc"
Acrylic, 11x17, SOLD
"Tapestry Crow in Twilight"
Acrylic, 8x10, SOLD
"Tapestry Crow in Teal"
Acrylic, 10x8, SOLD
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