Land & Sky

"Over the Iris"
Pastel, 16x20, SOLD
"Stream to the Sound"
Pastel, 12x16, SOLD
"A Walk Up Summers Road"
Pastel, 28x22, SOLD
"Into the Sound"
Pastel, 12x16, SOLD
"The Valley Dreams the Sky"
Pastel, 24x20, $800
"Shadows of Cerise"
Pastel, SOLD
"Lake Whatcom Poplar"
Mixed Media, 10x8, SOLD
"Lake Whatcom Cloudscape"
Mixed Media, 8x8, SOLD
"Sudden Valley
Cottonwood Trail"
Mixed Media, 10x8, SOLD
"Sunlight on a Sea of Grass"
Pastel, 18x24, SOLD
"Along the Nooksack"
Pastel, 10x20, $400
"Above and Beyond"
Pastel, 19x27, $900
"Earth Spires"
Pastel, 19x27, $900
"Today Fading"
Pastel, 19x27, $900
"Fill the Sky"
Pastel, 40x30, $1500
"Deception in a Shell of Haze"
Pastel, 19x12, SOLD
"Endless Iris"
Pastel, 11x25, $700
Pastel, 4x11, SOLD
Pastel, 4x11, SOLD
Pastel, 4x11, SOLD
Pastel, 4x11, SOLD
Pastel, 4x11, $180
"Lipstick Birch"
Pastel, 22x18, SOLD
"A Moments End"
Pastel, 11x8, $280
"Swift Sunny Moments"
Pastel, 11x8, SOLD
"Eighy-four Oaks"
Pastel, 20x22, $600
"Flooded with Sunset Wine"
Pastel, 19x27, $900
"View from the Villa
Pastel, 14x11, $300
"The Sky Comes to Meet You"
Pastel, 19x27, $900
"Sense of Stillness"
Pastel, 19x25, SOLD
"On The Way Home"
Pastel, 22x28, SOLD
"Shadows of a Sunset"
Pastel, 18x24, SOLD
"Far From the Fence"
Pastel, 8x11, $250
"View from Volterra"
Pastel, 12x18, $450
"The Road Along Poppy Fields"
Pastel, 16x20, $600
Pastel, 16x20, SOLD
"South of Siena"
Pastel, 14x18, SOLD
"Tuscan Country Home"
Pastel, 14x18, SOLD
"Grow Sky High"
Pastel, 12x9, SOLD
"Wisdom & Whimsy"
Pastel, 19x27, $900
"Flags of Hope"
Pastel, 20x26, SOLD
"Autumns Cotton"
Pastel, 26x7, $700
"The Mountain's Revival"
Pastel, 27x19, $900
Pastel, 19x14, SOLD
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"On The Way Home" Pastel, 22x28, SOLD