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"Esau" -  mixed media drawing on paper board


     These videos are my first attempts to put my process into video format. The first is a time-lapse video of a pastel drawing I did of my dear harlequin merle collie, Esau. 

      The others I created from still photos taken here and there while working on a painting. Figuring out how to stitch them together and edit them myself, adding text and music, was a new challenge!

    Though my "movie" making skills are amateur, I like these short videos ~ they give people a quick peek at the progress of a few of my mixed media works, roughly from beginning to end. 

"The Blue Jay Who Hoped to Blend In"  -  mixed media on raw wood panel
"The Ravenman Who Would Wreak Havoc" - mixed media on paper and panel
"The Crow Who Dressed as a Cardinal" -  mixed media on paper and panel
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